How to Update Your Look With Minimal Jewellery

How to Update Your Look With Minimal Jewellery

Dainty necklaces, sleek earrings and tiny bracelets, even minimalists can’t say no to these beauties. Simple, minimal pieces are so easy to style and extremely versatile! They are also great for everyday wear and work wear as they are light weight and look sophisticated.

Even if you are working from home, wearing minimal jewelry can make you look and feel like a million dollars. Another advantage to these pieces over bold designs is that they look good on everyone. Anyone can pull these off. We are not kidding! You might think that people with bold personalities can’t wear delicate jewelry. That is absolutely not true. You just need to find the right piece. Hoop earrings can look delicate but they make a statement loud and clear, owing to their shape.

If you are apprehensive about buying minimal pieces then read on to find out how you can effortlessly update your look with just a few chic pieces.

  • Layer it up

An easy and effortless way to make your outfits look ten times more stylish is to layer your jewelry. Necklaces with varying lengths, some with handcrafted pendants worn over a solid colour or a deep neckline look very interesting. Just make sure they are in the same metal! Bracelets look equally cool when layered. Multiple metals, different thicknesses and styles can be stacked together. The only rule here is to restrict yourself  to a couple of colors. This helps in keeping the entire look classy. You can even add a watch to the mix. Use the same rule to stack rings. Remember to stick to one of these though, if you are layering bracelets then refrain from stacking rings. Keep the rest of your look simple to create balance.

  • Show off your features

Bold pieces are attention grabbing but sometimes they are so eye-catching that they steal the spotlight. Did you know that you can accentuate your best features with the right jewelry? If you want to show off your collar bones, subtle necklaces are what you should go for. Pendant necklaces draw attention to your torso. Clean, minimal long earrings flatter your neck. Slender fingers? Try wearing midi rings. To make your look pop get minimal gemstone jewelry. Gemstones and semi precious stones like emerald, blue sapphire, ruby, spinel and lapis lazuli look stunning on Indian skin.

  • No more boring work wear

At your workplace go from drab to fab with just one piece of jewelry. Wear some face flattering earrings when you wear your hair up. Middle parted and pushed back hair is also a great way to bring attention to your earrings. Wearing a cuff bracelet will make you look polished instantly. You can even wear one over a cuffed shirt. In the office or even if you are working from home, wear a few delicate rings and you will notice them while working on your laptop and it will instantly make you feel beautiful! Silver is usually more work appropriate but dull gold can also work for you depending on your outfit. The best part is that minimal jewelry is so subtle that you don’t think have to think twice before wearing it unlike loud, statement pieces that need to be carefully styled.

  • Make your simple T-shirt look super stylish

Do you ever have days when you just don’t feel like putting an effort into dressing up? Even moving a finger seems likes a task. A trick we learnt for these days is to layer some chain necklaces with or without pendants to dress up your simple t-shirt and jeans outfit. Throw on some heels, do a red lip and voila you are ready to go out! For added contrast try a solid coloured, white or black t-shirt but if you want you can make this work with prints just as well.

  • Wear your personality

We can’t stress this enough! When you buy a piece of jewelry make sure you love it. You are spending your hard-earned money on something so buy pieces that make you feel special. Pieces that you’d want to wear again and again. Pieces that make you feel alive and gorgeous. You should be able to express your personality through jewelry just like you do so through your clothes. There are so many options available now, you can easily find something that matches your taste. Studs, chain necklaces, hoop earrings and band rings are usually liked by all. A lot of jewellers will happily personalise your ring or necklace so that you can have a unique piece of jewelry that will truly become an extension of your personality. Happy shopping!

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